Transforming Defendant to Co-Counsel

May 2014 was largely different for Ibsa Adam than it was for me, both 24 years of age. Ibsa was getting charged with Felony Murder and I was graduating law school. Neither had any idea our paths would cross three years later. Later that year, October 2014, Ibsa pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison. The prosecution’s case consisted of eyewitnesses, video surveillance, homicide detectives and a medical examiner. Twenty-one months later Ibsa was granted the opportunity to withdraw his guilty plea and proceed to trial. Thirteen months later, State of Georgia v. Ibsa Adam and Fahmi Ahmed, Case Number 14CR3555, was tried by a jury and Ibsa was acquitted of all charges. As history has shown, knowledge is power. The purpose of “Ms. Got Proof? Transforming Defendant to Co-Counsel” is to use knowledge to empower those facing criminal charges to prepare for trial and establish credible defense arguments. This book provides the 8 cornerstones of effective trial preparation. Each chapter provides a lesson, examples and assignments to prepare for your case.