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"Best Attorney in Atlanta"

"Best Attorney in Atlanta... very thorough and understanding... she is the REAL DEAL!!!"

Ms. Fegan represented my boyfriend in Douglas County and we couldn't be happier. The best thing about Ms. Fegan is that she cares. She wants justice. She wants the best for her clients and their family. She kept our spirits up when we were down. I will be referring Ms. Fegan to anyone that has a criminal case.

Nicole helped my son with an involuntary manslaughter charge. He ended up getting juvenile deliquency and 2 years probation versus 5 - 10 years in prison. I recommend her to anyone needing assistance and guidance. She is worth the money. Nicole always answered any questions we had any day of the week at any hour. I thank God for her everyday!!! She was and is a blessing to my family.

Got proof?

Ms. Fegan took my husbands sale of marijuana case in Bartow County. DA Earl Newton offered him 5 years. She went to trial the day after we hired her and jury found him not guilty. She rocks.

Satisfied Client

Ms. Fegan was compassionate, professional and effective in her representation. Results were much better than we could have hoped for. We will recommend her to all our friends and relatives.


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Verdict of Anthony Brewer

Verdict of Amanda Nicole Spriggs


Verdict of Ibsa Adam

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Transforming Defendant to Co-Counsel

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A Miracle in the Court room our Angel

I was recommended by a friend, my son had got in some trouble with theft & attempted burgulary charges was facing serious prison time at the age of 18. Ms Fegan explained to me that she was busy and it was evident I could not afford her. Ms. Fegan said to me God is telling her to take this case so she did just that. My son case had to be closed asap or take it to trial. Ms.Fegan didnt feel trial was best option because the discovery and proof was hard to fight. Long story short this brilliant woman visited my son a few times in jail. Went to his first court date and spoke with the judge & DA in chambers. She fought hard and smart in very short time. She kept me up to date with how things was looking. The big day was two days later Ms Fegan visited my son the day before the day of prepared him for court. She is so good at what she do she read my son and his personality from first meet.  What happened in court was rare and emotional lots of tears before the ruling. The judge once more called ms Fegan in her chambers right before the big ruling. The judge ordered 2 years prison time but changed her mind (rare) order probation and bootcamp. Ms. Fegan touch presence and hard work moved everyone. After the ruling we was all talking laughing joking both sides judge prosecuting attorney. It was not about fighting each other on this case who won or who didnt. It was about giving my son another chance at life realizing nobody is perfect and everybody make mistakes dumb decisions not realizing the consequences or severity of they actions. Ms.Fegan brought that spirit in the court room and we all felt it. I could say so much more about the finacial part of hiring a lawyer but I dont want to mislead the reader definitely got a testimony on that subject. I would definitely recommend her she was amazing and a Miracle in the court room. My Testimomy Thank you Nicole Fegan


Ms. Fegan represented my son. Her services were petitioned at the last minute, a day or so before the court date. She was patient with my son and understood his anxiousness concerning his case. She explained to him what he was facing and the possible options. Within a short period of time she gained our confidence and was able to bring some comfort to my son and I. She acted diligently in getting in contact with the District Attorney's Office and began speaking on my son's behalf. The outcome of the case is one that would not have been granted without her diligence and professionalism and for that we are extremely Grateful.

Attorney Fegan gets the job done

My husband was arrested for cashing a lot of bad checks. I called Ms. Fegan around 6 in the morning and she was to the jail within hours. She worked hard to get my husband out of trouble after we have been going through a lot both in our marriage and financially. She fixed it all! My husband and I are back on track and we won't have to worry about this coming up again. Thank you Ms. Fegan!!

Nicole Fegan has done it for me again!

​Nicole Fegan is a great attorney who handles all of you legal issues in a timely manner. She makes your case her priority and does not stop until it is resolved. She is knowledgable inside and outside of the courtroom. She recently handled my warrant removal case (warrant issued due to violation of probation) and I am now free of legal stress. I would definitely recommend her for any criminal law cases. If I ever need an attorney in the future, I will definitely be calling Nicole P. Fegan.

Blessed by the Best

​I truly mean what the title of my review says. Ms. Fegan stood by my side from the beginning. She has a way to make you feel better at your lowest point. After being arrested for a felony I thought my life as a professional businesswoman was over. As a single mother Ms. Fegan negotiated and resolved my case that I am happy with!